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    Thioester Antioxidants    
    Plaox-DLTDP | Plaox-DSTDP    
    Antioxidant Plaox-DSTDP    

Chemical name: DiStearyl ThioDiPropionate
Equivalent: Irganox PS802 ( Ciba SC )/ Lowinox DSTDP (Chemtura)/ Cyanox STDP (Cytec)
Molecular formula: C42H82O4S
Molecular weight: 683
CAS No.: 693-36-7
Structural formula:

Physical properties
Appearance: White powder
Melting range: 63.5 ~ 68.5 ˇăC
Flash point: 257 ˇăC
Specific gravity (g/cm3 ), @20 ˇăC: 1.027

Solubility (g/ 100g solvent), @20 ˇăC

Water: Insoluble
Toluene: Soluble
Chloroform: Soluble

MEK: Soluble
Alcohols: Insoluble
Hexane: Soluble



Appearance: White powders
Melting point: 63.5 ~ 68.5 ˇăC
Ash: 0.01% max
Loss on drying: 0.05% max

Sapon value (mg KOH/g): 160 ~ 170
Acid value (mg KOH/g): 0.05 max
Color (Pt-Co), melton: 60 max

Plaox-DSTDP is a thioester auxiliary antioxidant with good performance and with higher antioxidant effect than Plaox-DLTDP. It is of low volatilization, low heat loss in processing, non-polluting and non-discoloring. It has well synergistic of antioxidant Plaox-1010, Plaox-1076. Plaox-DSTDP is widely used for PE, PP, PA, ABS resin, etc. The dosage is recommended to be 0.1 ~1.0 phr.




Phenolic Antioxidants
Plaox-1010 | Plaox-1076 | Plaox-1098 | Plaox-1024 | Plaox-3114
Organophosphite Antioxidants
Plaox-168 | Plaox-626
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Plaox-BODPA | Plaox-DNDPA | Plaox-DODPA | Plaox-DCDPA
Blended Antioxidants
Plaox-B215 | Plaox-B225

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