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Flame retardants  
    Halogen free Flame retardants    
    Plamtar-RDP | Plamtar-BDP
Plamtar-DOPO | Plamtar-DOPO-HQ
    Flame retardant Plamtar-RDP    

Chemical name: Resorcinol bis-diphenylphosphate; Phosphoric trichloride, polymer with 1, 3-benzenediol, phenyl ester
Equivalent: Reofos RDP (Chemtura) / Fyrolflex-RDP (Supresta)
Molecular formula: C30H24O8P2 (whereas n=1)
Molecular weight: 574.4 (whereas n=1)
CAS No.: 57583-54-7 & 125997-21-9

Structural formula:

Physical properties

Appearance: Colorless, slight yellow clear liquid
Boiling point: 300 ˇăC min

Specific gravity (g/cm 3 ), @ 20 ˇăC : 1.29 ~ 1.31

Solubility (g/ 100g solvent), @20 ˇăC

Water: Insoluble
Methanol: Complete

Toluene: Complete
MEK: Complete



Appearance: Colorless, slight yellow clear liquid
Phosphorus content : 10 ~ 12% min
Viscosity (cps), @ 20 ˇăC : 600 ~ 800

Acid value (mg KOH/g): 0.05 max
Color (Pt-Co), melton: 80 max
Moisture: 0.15% max


Plamtar-RDP is used as Flame retardant for HIPS, PA, PC, PA/ABS, PPO/ABS, PBT, PET and soft PU foam. Low volatility, high heat resistance, suitable for engineering plastics.



250kg/galvanized iron drum

Brominated Flame retardants
Plamtar-TBBA | Plamtar-BDDP | Plamtar-TBSBPE
Plamtar-DBDPE | Plamtar-BTBPOE | Plamtar-BTBPIE
Plamtar-HBCD | Plamtar-TTBPC | Plamtar-TBC

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