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Chemical name: 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-di-tert-amylphenyl) benzotriazole
Equivalent: Tinuvin 328 ( Ciba SC ) /Lowilite 28 (Chemtura)/ Uvinul-3028 (BASF)
Molecular formula: C22H29N3O
Molecular weight: 351.5
CAS No.: 25973-55-1
Structural formula:

Physical properties

Appearance: Slightly yellow powders
Melting range: 79 ~ 87 ˇăC

Flash point: Not available
Specific gravity (g/cm3), @20 ˇăC:0.91

Solubility (g/ 100g solvent), @20 ˇăC

Water: Insoluble
Xylene: 44
Mineral spirits:14

Methyl ethyl ketone:24
Ethtylacetate: 20
n-Butylacetate: 28



Appearance: Slightly yellow powders
Assay: 99.0% min
Melting point: 80.0 ˇăC min
Ash: 0.05% max

Volatile: 0.5% max
Transmittance (460nm): 97.0% min
Transmittance (500nm): 98.0% min


Pamsorb-328 is a UV absorbent for the UV between 270 nm and 380 nm. It is a high effective light stabilizer for a variety of plastics and other organic substrates. It is recommended as the stabilization of styrene home and copolymers, acrylic polymers, unsaturated polyesters, PVC, polyolefins, polyruethanes polyacetals, polyvinylbutyral, elastomers and adhesives.

The product can be used alone or in combination with other additives such as HALS, antioxidants and other functional stabilizers and additives. The use levels of Pamsorb-328 range between 0.10 ~ 1.0%, depending on substrate and performance requirements of the final application.




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