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  Phenolic Antioxidants
Plaox-1010, Plaox-1076, Plaox-1098
Plaox-1024, Plaox-3114
Organophosphite Antioxidants
  Plaox-168, Plaox-626
  Amine Antioxidants
  Plaox-BODPA, Plaox-DNDPA
Plaox-DODPA, Plaox-DCDPA
  Thioester Antioxidants
  Plaox-DLTDP, Plaox-DSTDP
  Blended Antioxidants
  Plaox-B215, Plaox-B225
  Heat stabilizers
  Pherst-TPP, Pherst-ODPP
Light stabilizers
HALS (hindered amine light stabilizers)
  Palst-770, Palst-622, Palst-944
Palst-783, Palst-791
, Palst-3529
  UVA (Ultraviolet absorbents)

Pamsorb-531, Pamsorb-P
Pamsorb-234, Pamsorb-326
Pamsorb-327, Pamsorb-328
Pamsorb-1164, Pamsorb-1577

Flame retardants
Brominated Flame retardants

Plamtar-TBBA, Plamtar-BDDP
Plamtar-DBDPE, Plamtar-BTBPOE
Plamtar-HBCD, Plamtar-TTBPC

  Halogen free Flame retardants
  Plamtar-RDP, Plamtar-BDP
Plamtar-DOPO, Plamtar-DOPO-HQ
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Plaox-1010 | Plaox-1076 | Plaox-1098 | Plaox-1024 | Plaox-3114 | Plaox-168 | Plaox-626
Plaox-BODPA | Plaox-DNDPA | Plaox-DODPA | Plaox-DCDPA
Plaox-DLTDP | Plaox-DSTDP | Plaox-B215 | Plaox-B225


Phenolic Antioxidants

[TDS] *
[MSDS] **
Tetrakis [methylene-3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl -propionate)] methane
Equivalent: Irganox 1010 ( Ciba SC )/ Anox 20 (Chemtura)
CAS: 6683-19-8

n-Octadecyl- -(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl )-propionate
Equivalent: Irganox 1076 (Ciba SC)/ Anox PP18 (Chemtura)
CAS: 2082-79-3

N, N'-hexane-1, 6-diylbis [3-(3, 5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) propionamide]
Equivalent: Irganox 1098 (Ciba SC)/ Lowinox HD98 (Chemtura)
CAS: 23128-74-7

N, N'-Bis (3, 5-di-butyl-4-hydroxyle-phenylpropionyl) hydrazine
Equivalent: Irganox MD-1024 (Ciba SC)/ Lowinox MD24 (Chemtura)
CAS: 32687-78-8

Tris(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzyl) isocyanurate
Equivalent: Irganox 3114 ( Ciba SC )/ Cyanox 1740 (Cytec)/ Anox IC-14 (Chemtura)
CAS: 27676-62-6
    Organophosphite Antioxidants    
Tri-(2, 4-di-tert-butyl-phenyl)-Phosphite
Equivalent: Irgafos 168 (Ciba SC) / Alkanox 240 (Chemtura)
Bis (2, 4-di-tert-butyl-phenyl) Pentaerythritol Diphosphite
Equivalent: ULTRANOX 626 (Chemtura)
CAS: 26741-53-7
    Amine Antioxidants    
Butylated, Octylated Diphenylamine
Equivalent: Naugalube-640/ Irganox L-57
CAS: 6683-19-8

Nonylated Diphenylamine
Equivalent: Naugalube -438L / Irganox L-67
CAS: 2082-79-3

4, 4' -Dioctyl Diphenylamine
Equivalent: Vanox-12/ Vanlube-81

CAS: 23128-74-7

Dicumylated Diphenylamine
Equivalent: Permanax CD, Permanax 49, Nangard 445, Nocrac CD
CAS: 32687-78-8

    Thioester Antioxidants    
DiLauryl ThioDiPropionate
Equivalent: Irganox PS800 (Ciba SC)/Lowinox DLTDP (Chemtura) /Cyanox LTDP (Cytec)
DiStearyl ThioDiPropionate
Equivalent: Irganox PS802 (Ciba SC )/Lowinox DSTDP (Chemtura)/ Cyanox STDP (Cytec)
CAS: 693-36-7
    Blended Antioxidants    

Blend of Plaox-1010 and Plaox-168 (1:2)
Equivalent: Irganox B 215 ( Ciba SC )
CAS: Not available

Blend of Plaox-1010 and Plaox-168 (1:1)
Equivalent: Irganox B 225 ( Ciba SC )
CAS: Not available

* TDS = Technical Data Sheet
** MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet

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