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  Phenolic Antioxidants
Plaox-1010, Plaox-1076, Plaox-1098
Plaox-1024, Plaox-3114
Organophosphite Antioxidants
  Plaox-168, Plaox-626
  Amine Antioxidants
  Plaox-BODPA, Plaox-DNDPA
Plaox-DODPA, Plaox-DCDPA
  Thioester Antioxidants
  Plaox-DLTDP, Plaox-DSTDP
  Blended Antioxidants
  Plaox-B215, Plaox-B225
  Heat stabilizers
  Pherst-TPP, Pherst-ODPP
Light stabilizers
HALS (hindered amine light stabilizers)
  Palst-770, Palst-622, Palst-944
Palst-783, Palst-791
, Palst-3529
  UVA (Ultraviolet absorbents)

Pamsorb-531, Pamsorb-P
Pamsorb-234, Pamsorb-326
Pamsorb-327, Pamsorb-328
Pamsorb-1164, Pamsorb-1577

Flame retardants
Brominated Flame retardants

Plamtar-TBBA, Plamtar-BDDP
Plamtar-DBDPE, Plamtar-BTBPOE
Plamtar-HBCD, Plamtar-TTBPC

  Halogen free Flame retardants
  Plamtar-RDP, Plamtar-BDP
Plamtar-DOPO, Plamtar-DOPO-HQ
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Flame retardants  
    Plamtar-TBBA | Plamtar-BDDP | Plamtar-TBSBPE
Plamtar-DBDPE | Plamtar-BTBPOE | Plamtar-BTBPIE
Plamtar-HBCD | Plamtar-TTBPC | Plamtar-TBC
Plamtar-RDP | Plamtar-BDP
Plamtar-DOPO | Plamtar-DOPO-HQ
    Brominated Flame retardants    
TetraBromo Bisphenol A
Equivalent: SAYTEX CP-2000 ( Albemarle )/ BA-59P (Chemtura)/ FR-1524 (ICL)
CAS: 79-94-7

Tetrabromobisphenol A bis (2, 3-dibromopropyl ether)
Equivalent: SAYTEX HP-800 ( Albemarle )/PE-68 (Chemtura)/ FR-720 (ICL)
CAS: 21850-44-2

Tetrabromobisphenol S Bis-(2, 3-Dibromopropyl) Ether; 3,5-dibromo-4-(2,3-dibromopropoxy)diphenyl sulfone
Equivalent: -
CAS: 42757-55-1

DecaBromo DiPhenyl Ethane; 1, 2-bis (pentabromophenyl) Ethane
Equivalent: SAYTEX 8010 (Albemarle)/ Firemaster 2100 (Chemtura)
CAS: 61262-53-1& 84852-53-9

Equivalent: FF-680 (Chemtura)
CAS: 37853-59-1
1, 2-bis(tetrabromophthalimido) ethane; N, N-Ethylene-bis(tetrabromophthalimide)
Equivalent: Saytex BT93 (Albemarle)
CAS: 32588-76-4

Equivalent: SAYTEX HP-900 ( Albemarle )/ SP-75 (Chemtura)/ FR-1206 (ICL)
CAS No.: 3194-55-6

Tris (tribromophenyl) cyanurate Tris (tribromophenoxy) triazine;
2, 4, 6-tris (2,4,6-tribromophenoxy)-1,3,5 triazine

Equivalent: FR245 (ICL)
CAS: 25713-60-4
Equivalent: TAICROS 6B (Evonik, Degussa)/ ARMOQUELL FR930 (Akzo Nobel)
CAS: 52434-90-9
    Halogen free Flame retardants    
Resorcinol bis-diphenylphosphate; Phosphoric trichloride, polymer with 1, 3-benzenediol, phenyl ester
Equivalent: Reofos RDP (Chemtura) / Fyrolflex-RDP (Supresta)
CAS: 57583-54-7 & 125997-21-9

Bisphenol A bis-diphenylphosphate
Equivalent: Reofos BAPP (Chemtura) / Fyrolflex-BDP (Supresta)/ NCENDX P-30 (Albemarle)
CAS: 181028-79-5 & 5945-33-5

Equivalent: -
CAS: 35948-25-5

6-(2, 5-Dihydroxyphenyl)-6H-dibenz [c, e] [1, 2] oxaphosphorine-6-oxide
Equivalent: -
CAS: 99208-50-1

    * TDS = Technical Data Sheet
** MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet

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