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Flame retardants  
    Brominated Flame retardants    
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Plamtar-DBDPE | Plamtar-BTBPOE | Plamtar-BTBPIE
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    Flame retardant Plamtar-DBDPE    

Chemical name: DecaBromo DiPhenyl Ethane; 1, 2-bis (pentabromophenyl) Ethane
Equivalent: SAYTEX 8010 (Albemarle)/ Firemaster 2100 (Chemtura)
Molecular formula: C14H4Br10
Molecular weight: 971.23
CAS No.: 61262-53-1& 84852-53-9
Structural formula:

Physical properties

Appearance: White powders
Melting range: 345 C

Boiling point: Not available
Specific gravity (g/ml), @20 C: 3.25

Solubility (g/ 100g solvent), @20 C

Water : <0.01
Methanol: <0.01
Acetone: <0.01

Methylbenzene: <0.01
Chlorobenzne: <0.01
Dichloromethane: <0.01



Appearance: White powders
Whiteness: 90.0 min
Bromine content: 81.0% min
Free Bromine: 10 ppm max

Melting point: 340 C min
Average particle size: 3.00 m max
Moisture: 0.10% max


Plamtar-DBDPE has a good thermal stability and high bromine content making it a prime candidate for high temperature applications. It can be used in a wide range of high performance applications. In particularly it finds use in styrene polymers, engineering resins, wire & cable and elastomers.
Plamtar-DBDPE is not acutely toxic and teratogenic, no harmful to the environment can be used in the formulation of products meeting European dioxin ordinances.




Halogen Free Flame retardants
Plamtar-RDP | Plamtar-BDP
Plamtar-DOPO | Plamtar-DOPO-HQ

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